Welcoming 2012 from your specialist in small business graphic design

As your specialist in small business graphic design we would like to give everyone a big welcome to 2012. As 2012 is set to be a year full of opportunity we would like to look at how small business' can plan ahead and make the best of the coming year. I can't stress how important it is to plan ahead, set out your goals for the new year early and most of all, stick to them.

One of the best things to do is to set specific goals. Think about what you want to achieve and really get down to the nitty gritty. Look at how your goals are achievable and how they will benifit your company. By setting specific goals for the year you set yourself a tangible reference point to see how your year is going. Be realistic in your goals, if you are a new company aim for something that is achievable. You most likely wont be a fortune 500 company by the end of the year but you may well be the leader in a specific area. If you need help planning get help. A good plan is invaluable to your business.

Put aside budgets for marketing, design and other external elements. You should always plan a budget to cater for how you aim to promote your business, after all this will ultimatly be where your revenue comes from.

And always be positive. It seems like a silly thing to say but get in a positive mind and your much more likely to succeed.

Cillian Griffith
Graphic Designer and Web Designer
Mini Design
(your specialist in small business graphic design)