Consistency by your Sydney small business graphic designer

As small business graphic designers and small business web designers we understand that the feel of your website and all other collateral, apparel and everything that communicates what your business stands for should be consistent throughout all elements.

Recently, we have created new apparel for one of our clients so their uniforms have their positioning visible for all to see. Consistency here is key. When someone wears a uniform many people will see them not only at work but travelling to and from work and even eating at lunch so don’t underestimate the power of a uniform.

How about those pink bags you probably have seen carried around by many people across Sydney? Does Peter’s of Kensington ring a bell? Yep, that’s who has those pink bags travelling across Sydney everyday and the best part is everyone recognizes those bags and the brand.

For any questions on how to create consistency in your business give us a call today.