Small business web design company explains Mad Men

Does anyone else watch Mad Men? I am a loyal fan of this brilliantly smart show and as a small business web designer in Sydney as well as a small business graphic designer the inro of the show always has intrigued me.

For those who haven’t ever watch it, the intro is a shadowed figure entering the main character Don’s office, sits down his briefcase and the room collapses around him. As he tumbles through a chasm of diamond rings, happy families, and women in pantyhose, the glossy veneer of advertising gives way, revealing the rough humanity of a man lost. RJD2’s jazzy “A Beautiful Mine” is the theme track and helps show viewers a sneak peek into some of the Mad Men themes in the show like family ideals, men’s status and the advertising world. 

In my line of work, this is something that I admire very much. When art can translate and communicate with its audience in a way that tells a story without saying much at all. In website and graphics it’s a lot alike, websites and artwork needs to communicate or convey a certain message and it needs to be done in a creative way. Next time you visit a website or look at a shows intro have think about what the real message is about.