Small business web designers in Sydney detail the importance of packaging

Now, I am not usually a champagne drinker but the past weekend I had celebration drinks for a friend on her upcoming wedding and at the bar the hens party chose to go to there were people who were ordering Moet Imperial Ice. 

Even though I don’t know what Moet Imperial Ice exactly is I knew it is different than the typical Moet dark bottle. As a small business web design company I am always designing new things for clients products, their website and more. 

The Moet Imperial Ice is sleek white bottle with white and gold labeling, making it look exclusive. This type of Moet is different as it is actually served with fruit and ice, which isn’t typical for champagne. 

This made me think of how important packaging is and the impact it has on they consumers eye. Now I’m not saying this champagne isn’t somewhat better than the standard Moet but it makes me question why people are buying it besides taste.

Can it be that it shows exclusivity? Does it show that you are a connoisseur in champagne? In my experience as a Sydney small business graphic designer and small business web designer I think perception is everything. If your package looks good and sends a certain message of luxury and exclusivity it is sure to increase its sale revenue.

When you are in need of packaging a new product make sure you think outside the box and take into account what will people take from the packaging. The message it is conveying to your consumers is important because it can be the difference between a successful product and one that isn’t sought after.