Paper is important for small business graphic designers

As small business web designers and small business graphic designers in Sydney we know that the quality of work is just as important as how it is presented. This means the quality of the website (features and navigations), the quality of the book, magazine and newspaper it is presented in and even the type of paper it is printed on is just as important.

In a recent article posted on the Desktop blog, environmental considerations are being discussed in relation to paper supplies. It has always been important to many designers and is undeniable that the sustainability credentials of paper suppliers have become a major talking point over the past year.

Purchasers of paper and boarding products are becoming more aware of the need for strong environmental protections, and these are starting to have a greater impact on buying decisions.

Overall, publications are being more eco-friendly and conscious of the paper they are sourcing and working in the graphic design industry and work in conjunction with various publications this is great news to hear.