Quirky concepts as small business graphic designers

Last night I watching My Kitchen Rules and the first group of contestants through a 70’s inspired restaurant that was decorated with mirror balls, lava lamps and old records. The one thing that stood out to me, as a small business graphic designer in Sydney was their menu was placed on a record with three different tracks for the entrée, main and dessert.

This stood out to me because of its quirky concept and the detail that went into designing it. Also, working with small businesses as web designers in Sydney, these quirky concepts are always inspiration for us in our future projects.

Recently, we created quirky and original work for an accounting firm that were after an MAS booklet for new clients. We had decided on the concept of creating a character series for the booklet. Our experience as small business graphic designers in Sydney helped us come up with the idea of creating the booklet like a children's book, which would really suit the characters that we had designed.

Creating this booklet was very exciting for us as we used such a creative design concept that as small business graphic designers was amazing.

As well as this the idea of sending a children's style booklet has worked really well for mas. Clients have been very impressed by the unique approach mas have taken to accounting and this has helped grow their business every year.

Sometimes taking a risk and being different from your competition can really work for you and your small business.