Small business web designers opinion on branding

Author Steve Harrington has written in a recent blog on Desktop Magazine that branding has become a serious business for Australian companies. Major companies now realise the importance of their brand, which serves as a calling card for their business. It wasn’t always this way. In the past it was a case of the CEO saying “leave it with me” and then taking the logo home to show the wife.

Working as a small business graphic designer in Sydney, I tend to agree that branding is very important and a professional design and opinion is crucial.

Harrington goes on to write that using design elements such as colour, line and shapes can be powerful tools for brands because these devices speak to our subconscious minds and help us decode and make meaning out of what we see.

From a logo design to the look of a website, the branding is important as it is your brands entire message and image you want to be perceived as.

A professional small business web designer or small business graphic designer can create a brand that is unique and stands for something as opposed to just looking nice. Aesthetically it should always look great but needs to have meaning to be a strong communication tool.

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