Small businesses in Melbourne should choose their logos carefully

If you, yourself, are a business entity, the outfit you wear will be your logo. Will you want to wear rags on yourself? Logo is not just any square or rectangle, it’s an art and a science!

A good logo can mean a lot. It is a representation of your business and tells people who are you and what you do. Next, based on your logo, people creates a perceive image of your business as a brand and it helps to differentiate your brand apart from other competitors. It is an important element in a business for marketing as it enhances consistency in communication. You will be using your business logo on your company letterheads, envelopes, business cards and stationeries etc.

For these perks of having a good and successful company logo, some companies are willing to pay up to thousands of dollars to have the right logo. Mini Design is an affordable design company that does logo designing for your small business in Sydney and Melbourne. Simplicity is what we believe in. Just look at Apple, their logo is simple and elegant with one apple. You don’t see their logo with an apple tree with a lot of apple, right?