Small in reality, big online

Internet is a “savior” for small businesses. Because of the Internet, small businesses can now compete with larger and more established companies. Building your first company website or updating your existing one is so important because on an online platform, your website is your business.

When customers visit your website, they develop opinions about your business and commonly not on what you sells or what you provided. It is usually based on “appearance”. Appearances matter.

Have you watched the recent video called “Appearance Matter? Homeless VS. Businessman” by DM Pranks? It went viral and it is about a well-dress businessman and a homeless both falling down in Europe, no one helped the homeless but everyone helped the businessman. Of course, there are other implications in that video, but all in all, looks play a part in everything.

Do some browsing online, on your competitors’ websites and on large corporates’ website. Take down some learning points and have the mindset that your website do not have to “look” small because you are a small business.

Do you want some “personal touch” on your websites? This is a very important question to ask. Usually, business websites do not really need that but it really depends on your business and industry.

In terms of the colours, you should consider the same palette of colours as your brand logo for consistency. It does not mean you have to found exactly what your competitors do, sure you can have your own unique thoughts and touch but during the process, you need to keep in mind that your website is the first impression that someone will have of your business.

Other that that, also noted that there is a huge growth in customers surfing the website on their mobile phone. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for your website to be mobile/tablet compatible. If not, it is like putting up a “closed” sign to shut them away from your business.