Useful tips for small business website design to build a brand - colour, character and emotion

Brand sets you apart from other competitors and sets expectation. What can you do with your small business website to build your brand? Here are some tips to follow:

1. Colour

It is not just about whether this colour looks good or not, it is about what the colour represents. Different colours stimulate different emotions as well as subconsciously associate with different things and characteristics. For example, green represents nature, environment, health and money. Because it is a calming colour, hospitals often paint their walls in pale green. When picking a colour, study the meaning, effects and associations of it and see if it fits with your brand. Note that if you are operating in a different country, it is important to check if the colours mean anything bad in that culture.

2. Character

You have your own character, so does your brand. Letting your brand have a little character will define what it stands for. So shape your brand’s character towards something, which your audience will like to associate themselves with.

3. Emotion

Have you heard of this saying “in the end, people will remember how you made them feel not what you say”? Same for branding, emotions are that important. Consider what type of emotion you want your visitors to feel when they visit your website and when they think about your brand.