Small business graphic designer in Sydney: piece of advice for great product packaging

Let’s be honest, appearance does matter, to a certain extent. We bother to dress up everyday because we want to look good and likable. Same for products, you want your products to look good, fine and great so that customers want to purchase them. Read on for tips to create an awesome product packaging!

You need to consider the information that will appear on the packaging. No essays on the package, just a few key points such as what is your product and what so unique about it. It is a matter of seconds to convince customers to buy your product.

Alternatively, if you want to include your brand story or personality, you can do it at the back of the packaging.

A great packaging doesn’t mean super fancy. In the past, the fancier the packaging, the better the product. But look around, nowadays packaging are getting more and more simple as well as minimal.

Listen to your designers, if they are willing to speak up to disagree, that’s because they care and want your product to succeed.

It is also important to consider the practicability of your packaging. For instance, is it easy to stack and is it easy to be packed into boxes?

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