Small business web designer: mistakes that your online store should avoid

Are you looking at selling your products online? Here are a few mistakes that you should definitely avoid! 

Not recommending is losing a chance to sell more 

You are missing out to earn more profits if you are not recommending related items to your customers. Look at or, they recommend products on the side or bottom of the web page with options related to the items they are purchasing or searching. A study conducted suggested that cross selling could potentially increase sales conversion rates up to 20%. 

Poor product descriptions 

Photos are important, so are descriptions. Consumers are buying online, they can’t see, feel, taste, smell or touch the actual product, and you need to tell them about it. Don’t forget to include your search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords when applicable. 

Being mobile-friendly 

It is extremely important to have an e-commerce website that is compatible on mobile devices only because consumers view and shop online. It is annoying to see a website that doesn’t fit your mobile device browser. Consumers can easily exit your website and find another seller. 

Being too long-winded at checkout

When consumers arrive at the checkout page, you are so close to generate a sale and requesting too much information will kill it all. Consumers nowadays are time-poor, they want things quick and hassle-free. Make sure your checkout page meet their needs and wants. 

Remind and follow up

Sometimes customers will forget about their shopping carts and what you can do is to remind them. Follow up via email to remind them as that might actually bring some customers back. Other than that, do provide opportunities for consumers to sign up for newsletters! 

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