Small business web designer in Sydney: what is the link between your small business website and social media platforms?

Social media is really important these days, especially now, when customers expect businesses to have a social media presence. Social media is no longer an online affair; people talk about it, thus making it an offline affair too.

A good website requires a good web design, so does a good social media page. You do not really need a social media design, just simply integrate your web design to it.

Consistency is key in marketing. When customers click on the little social media buttons on your website, it is nice to see a social page with consistent design so that they can associate your website to your social media. You do not want your customers to question if they are on your official page or someone else’s.

Different social media platforms have different image requirements. Do take note for it and change your design accordingly to capture their attention. It would not be nice for potential customers to see a misfit logo or banner.

The profile pictures and banners are important, so are the content that you post. Get your web designer to create templates for different types of post. And of course, resize to meet the requirements. It is very crucial for every small business to look attractive.

How to look attractive? Start with all your marketing materials first.

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