Small business website designer in Sydney: three crucial attribute for every small business website

Websites are really crucial for small businesses as consumers search for products and services online. But what makes a website a good website? Design is important, but design and functionality is champion! Small business website designer in Sydney, Mini Design, presents you with three key functional attributes that your website should have in order to increase your chance of converting visitors to customers.

1. Navigation is your number one priority.
Navigation must be clear so that visitors know where to find information that they want. Unclear navigation will just turn them off and they would not hesitate to exit your site.

2. Text colour and font should be readable.
If you want visitors to read content on your website, use readable fonts and colour. Do not use fancy and curly fonts that make reading hard. The most readable fonts are the common ones like Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica. One more word of advice, avoid using complicated images as background with texts over them.

3. Hyperlinks should standout from texts.
If you have hyperlinks like “Click here...”, remember to underline it, bold it or use a different colour. The reason why you have hyperlinks, it is because you want visitor to click on it, thus make it outstanding.

Other than these above three attributes, make sure your website is compatible on mobile devices!! Based in Sydney, Mini Design is a team of professional web and graphic designers that are strive to work with clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us soon!