Small business web design company Sydney explain the process of designing a professional logo

Professional logo designs take time and research. Sure anyone can go and purchase a cheap, off the shelf design and although they may be cute and appealing to you at first, the chances it correctly fitting your business and it’s brand are slim to none.

A cheap logo will often be a generic design that a graphic designer has just designed off the top of their head without knowing anything about you, your business or your audience and competition.

Ouyr small business web designers know that the process of a professional logo design is quite extensive and starts off by meeting with the client to create a design brief, discussing the business, particular requirements and ideas. From here the designer can create a design brief and logo design proposal.

Once the client has agreed to the proposal, the designer will research your company in depth, looking at many aspects to help them start the creative process, including looking at the company’s target audience as well as researching the industry trends and direct competition.

The designer will then spend a number of hours brainstorming, coming up with a range of various options through inspiration and research and from here rough designs are created and transformed into separate logo ideas. These are presented to the client, who will choose their preferred style. The designs will then be revised and refined in terms of style, size, colour palette and typeface. Once the client is happty with the design, it is transferred over to a suitable range of formats. 

A professionally designed logo will stand the test of time and as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Our small business graphic designeres in Sydney know that your logo is the cornerstone of your branding and identity and only with a professional, customised logo will you be able to make a great first impression.

For a professional, customised logo, contact our small business graphic designers Sydney.