Small business web designers on making your website mobile friendly

In the last decade, it became imperative for businesses to be found easily on the web. Today, this requirement has graduated to being “searchable, findable and readable” on mobile. Let’s face it, everyone’s on mobile and smartphone users are no longer exceptions.

There are three main ways that mobile optimization can be done, via responsive or adaptive design as well as specific development for the mobile platform. 

When optimizing your site for mobile you must make your design scheme consistent, with your logo and colours being immediately identifiable on any device. Ensure that you adopt a minimalist design, doing away with elements that do not serve any purpose on a small screen. Those aspects that suit a large desktop screen though when viewed on mobile, they overcrowd the site and even more importantly could potentially get in the way of other important information.

Our experienced small business graphic designers, Melbourne stress that it is of the utmost importance to ensure that readability is a priority. The layout should be consistent at all times, however if text is small or hard to read, mobile users will tend to get frustrated and leave the site. Ensure that your call-to-action buttons stand out against the background with simple to follow CTA messages at all times, making your site easy to click through.

 As mobile users are often looking at your site on-the-run, speed is a priority and loading speed needs to be optimized for the mobile processor. To make things faster for the user, ensure that you also include a click-to-call feature so that customers can contact you immediately, at the click of a button.

If you need assistance with your mobile site, contact our friendly team of small business web designers, Sydney.