Small business graphic designers Sydney explain why colour choice is so important when it comes to designing your website

I’m sure that you have heard about the psychology of colour before, though many business owners brush it off its importance when it comes to their logo or website.This may be because the colours they personally prefer aren’t necessarily the colours that will work best for their brand and image.

However, to positively promote your brand, our team of small business graphic designers Sydney, explain that the colours that make up your website are as crucial as any other aspect of design, if not even more so.

So how do you choose an appropriate colour combination for your website?

Determine the product or service you are providing. If you are an environmental business you wouldn’t use oranges and reds, instead you would use cool colours, greens and earthy tones.

Next, know your target audience and consider an appropriate colour combination to suit. Here is a quick rundown of a few colours and the effect they have:

• Red is attractive and powerful, invoking emotion. Great for promoting a call to action.

• Orange is widely used in promoting food products as it is known to promote positive thinking and increase creativity.

• Yellow signifies cheerfulness and creativity. Although it appeals to children yellow tends to create a strain on the eyes, therefore it is better as an accent colour.

• Green is very pleasing to the eye and it evokes trust, symbolising prosperity and wealth. Green is perfect for environmental/natural brands.

• Blue is a conservative color. It has a high trust value and is known to be calming. It is suitable for sites offering high- tech products and also for diet products.

• Black tends to be harsh and most suitable for photography and art.

As a rule, our small business designers recommend that your website employ the use of a maximum of 2 – 3 colors. Although tempting, it’s not advisable to turn your website into a rainbow.

The biggest statement your site can make is in its simplicity. Contact our experienced small business graphic designers Sydney today to discuss how we can help you create an professionally designed website.