Small business graphic designers Sydney on design trends of 2016

Our small business graphic designers Sydney know that design trends come and go. Some emerge and stay around for years, with others being just a flash in the pan.

This process often begins on the catwalk, gradually moving to other areas such as graphic design, packaging, illustration and home décor. A trend may be just entering one market, while being in full bloom in anther market and fading out in a third.

Here our small business graphic designers Sydney look at some of the latest trends of 2016.

Flat Design 

This is characterised by a clean, colorful look, with big typography, white space, and subtle gradients. In 2016 we’ll continue to see the popularity of the style grow.

Whimsical Illustrations

Our small business graphic designers are seeing a trending pattern of whimsical hand drawn illustrations, proving they aren’t just for kids. These drawings inject a playful human element into designs across various areas, with illustrators exploring sketchy lines and brushstrokes, mixing their tools and techniques, both digital and analog. 

Bold Typography

2016 is a big year for dramatic and creative typography, with bold statements, playful sans-serif typefaces, and letter stacking. We’ll also see plenty of new handwritten fonts in 2016.

80’s and 90’s Retro

Retro inspiration is being drawn from the styles of the 80s and 90s. Think bold colours and pixel-art mixed with playful patterns and geometric design.


Photos and illustrations have been coming to life thanks to the current trend of 2D animation and cinema-graphics. It only takes a flicker of movement, which is enough to catch our attention without distracting from the content, with this being a hybrid of motion and still.

With more current trends than we can squeeze on this page, be sure to check out next weeks Mini Design news page for page two of this article...