Small business graphic designers with part 2 of current design trends of 2016

Futher to the first half of our article on design trends for 2016, our small business graphics designers share with you part two of "what's in" this year.

Minimalist Logotypes

The logo trends for 2016 include minimalism, flat design with plenty of negative space. Subtle gradients are in, combined with crisp mono line styles.  

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and patterns are still the way to go in 2016, with a shift into layered geometrics that are blended with 80’s influences.

Print Inspiration

This trend looks like it will continue throughout the rest of the year. Inspired by pre-digital printing processes, it shows slabs of colour with rich textures and effects that represent mis-printing.  

Abstract Swiss

This is a rebellious, minimalist trend that is fast evolving, and compares in contrast to the more excessive 80's inspired styles. Aimed at breaking the rules, layouts are deconstructed and distored in a seemingly random way.

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