Small business graphic designers with part 2 of the design trends of 2017

As our small business web designers explained in part one of this article, grahic designers are getting ready for more interesting textures, hues and patterns that will evolve as the year goes on.

More graphic design trends include: 

The Unisex Palette - Colours in 2017 are predicted to transcend gender and cultural norms. Some of the new shades we will get to see a lot of in 2017 include, Peach Echo, Violet Verbena, Fiesta, Green Flash, Iced Coffee, Lilac Grey, Limpet Shell, Rose quartz, Serenity, Snorkel Blue and Buttercup.

Artistic Graphics - The graphics industry still expects to witness an onslaught of patterns and colours into 2017. Our small business web designers explain that some of the colour patterns you can expect to see over the next year include: Spiral, Embryonic, Boundless, Changeling, Progression, Assemble and Mutation. 

As with the design predictions for each up and coming year, there are many trends that you may not be too keen on, but give it time and the exciting colours, textures and patterns coming in for 2017 will prove to provide you with a modern edge over your competition.

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