Small business web designers Sydney continue to discuss the website trends coming into 2017

Last week our small business graphic designers in Sydney discussed the Website trends coming into 2017 and this week we continue with some more of what is becoming popular in the world of web design.

Two-tone/gradient imagery

More and more brands are are using two tone imagery and graphics for their websites with some designs experimenting with two or three colors and using the duotone effect. Think Instagram! 

Increased use of animation and GIFs

Animation is starting to be used more heavily on websites as it's often a great way to reveal more meaningful content. GIFs are becoming more sophisticated and animations using SVG and CSS are achieveing some pretty unique design elements.

Navigation made simple

Being a mobile society, people are accessing through our phones more than ever, the overall trend to make things easier to navigate has taken over and reformed our navigation on websites.

Instead of overly complicated and long navigations, more and more sites are starting to simplify their navigation down to about four to five items. Keeping navigation to a minimum also helps visitors to focus on the intent at hand, instead of trying to find a way off the page.

Increased use of hand-drawn elements

Perhaps a different type of web design trend is the increased use of hand drawn elements. These elements include fonts, icons, graphics, buttons and other elements that bring a nice unique touch to a site.

From hand drawn elements to duotone images, imaginative headings to more focused content layouts and animations, these design trends will dominate web design in 2017.

With so many interesting new design trends occuring, our small business graphic designers are looking forward to designing some of the most exciting websites yet!