Bean Keepers Australia

Bean Keepers Australia are a bookkeeping firm for small business based in Zetland, Sydney.

As Bean Keepers Australia were new to the market they needed a full branding. As small business graphic and web designers, Min Design are very used to start up businesses. The first step in the Bean Keepers story was doing some research, looking at what their brand would stand for in the industry and what others were doing and how we could differentiate from them to create a unique brand that would get some cut-through. As their name was Bean keepers, we thought the Bean element would play a crucial role in their brand going forward.


One we played around with the concepts we came up with the idea of a bean character. The character could be changed to suit different situations and even be wearing different items of clothing but would still be recognisable as Bean Keepers. The brand was all about not being like normal bookkeepers and having some fun. We named the character Klien.

Once we had the logo decided, we moved onto creating stationery. This included business cards, letterhead, envelope and with compliments slip. We used the character as a main design feature on all collateral. Klien can be seem popping in from the side on most of the pieces of collateral, bringing a lighter approach to the stationery.


Next we created a website for Bean Keepers Australia. The site would carry some of their more serious materials but we still wanted to have Klien as a major feature within the site. We came up with the concept of creating 6 flash animations showing Klien working or training his beans. Beans in accounting speak refers to money so Klien was working your money, juggling money, tidying up your mess etc.


Klien proved a big hit with clients, so we decided to capitalise on his popularity. We created a bean suit that went out and about on the streets and shopping centres of Sydney. This was to bring attention to the business and attract new clients looking for someone to help with their books or looking for a change. 


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