Earth Mumma

Earth Mumma produce a range of products specifically designed for new mums & bubs. The range is designed to be kind to baby’s sensitive soft skin & hair as well as good for new mums stretch marks.

Earth Mumma were a new product to the market so Mini Design got to work with them from the very beginning of their launch into the Australian market.

As the range was aimed at new and expecting mums and bubs, we wanted the brand to have a childlike feel to it but not too pre-school looking. It needed to reflect nature in some way and feel organic as almost all their ingredients are either natural or organic.


The logo has a baby bird and mother bird with the name Earth Mumma created out of winding branches. The mother and baby bird reflect who the products are for, mothers and babies. The two birds are touching beaks showing a caring side which all mothers can relate to. The colours are earthy browns and greens, again to reflect the natural ingredients used.


The range of products has many different shapes and sizes and it was important that we create some unifying elements across the range to tie them together. We used a green design to look like hedges or grass as a consistent graphical element, but all boxes are all made from the same recycled cardboard. We also used the birds outside of the logo and the sunflower graphic where possible to create some unity within the range. 


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