Honey and Glow

Honey & Glow are a small home run business based out of Canberra who produce and sell natural, untreated Honey and related products to their local market. As a new company to the Australian market, Honey & Glow were coming to Mini Design at the very start of their journey with big plans to eventually become a competitor in the greater Australian honey market.

As Mini Design specialise in small business graphic design we were perfectly placed to really help the guys at Honey & Glow and give their business the best start for a glowing future.


We loved the name the guys had come up with and really thought it explained what they were trying to achieve, real honey without any chemical or preservatives is better for you, thus the glow after the honey. The honey market in Australia is very competitive and as a business starting out Honey & Glow needed something to help them stand out from their competition.

We undertook a study of all honey producers in the region and anyone who might be a direct competitor to Honey & Glow. We found almost all of the small-scale producers tended to have home made style branding. This look and feel tended to be replicated on larger scale producers packaging but with a little more finesse. The other commonly used idea was creating a character, usually a bee. So to create a brand that would give some stand out to Honey & Glow we decided it would be best to stay clear of these styles. We looked at creating a more modern logo that would highlight the product. We based the logo around the name rather than creating a symbol or graphic to accompany it and made the letters of the logo become the creative element.  

The letters were crafted to create a unique shape. We then applied the honey on-top. The honey literally drips down the letters and glows to look almost like the letters have been dipped into honey and photographed. The shine off the honey was important to reflect the glow in the name and the natural honey inside the product.


Once we had created the logo for Honey & Glow, we moved on to creating packaging for their range of honey and lip balms. Again we wanted to create something that showed some of the Honey & Glow personality and ethos for natural untreated Honey. As part of our initial study into the competition in the honey market we also looked at the packaging most companies used, so we could look to create something that would again give standout for Honey & Glow. 

We looked at the natural elements of the Honey for inspiration. The bees used to harvest the honey are free to roam and collect pollen from a variety of sources to produce their honey giving each jar a slightly different colour and taste. We created a label that is bursting with floral and natural elements reflecting the flowers and bushes the bees collect their pollen from.   

The label for the lip balm is paired back to only contain essential information. As the label is very small we wanted to make sure it didn't look cluttered. As part of the initial branding we created a landscape version of the logo to be used in cases where the circular logo couldn't be used.  


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