MAS Accountants

Client-MAS-0MAS Accountants are Accountants for small business, operating out of Sydney and Melbourne. When MAS approached Mini Design in 2008 they needed help with a full rebrand and an overhaul of all existing websites, marketing material, stationery and pretty much everything else they had previously used design wise. The old branding had become dated and MAS wanted a new design to reflect the growing company MAS had become. After an initial re-brand, MAS continued to work with Mini Design and have become a loyal client over the years.

In 2014 Mini Design created a new design style for mas which included an animation, new website, a mobile website, a new folder MAS use to send out tax related documents to their clients, a new stationery design as well as apply the new design style to all marketing materials etc.

The new design centred around a character called Henry. Henry represented a typical small business owner, stressed and drowning in paper work. Henry was used in a bespoke animation as well as on the new website and marketing communications.   

Below we take you through some of the work we have done for MAS. 

Client-MAS-1Above is Henry the clock maker. Henry was used as the main character in the MAS animation. The animation was used as an explainer video for new clients but also as a soft introduction to MAS and how they can help. 


As part of the 2014 re-design, we created a new stationery set for mas. The animation and website show a lighter side of the MAS personality whereas on the stationery we wanted to make sure MAS came across as professional, showing both sides of their personality. We used the gold from the logo to create a bold statement on the business card and S on the logo to create a stylised element we could use across all printed material. The S keeps all elements with the pack consistent. 



The stylised S was carried through to the folder we created. With bold grey and black letters on the outside of the folder, the sleeve and each tab within the folder.


A mobile site was also created for MAS with Henry and some other characters we created representing small business owners being used within the design. The design is full of colour and like the animation shows the lighter side of the MAS staff.  


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