Match Tape

Match tape is a tape that is used by sports men and women to secure their socks and shin pads in place. The tape is specifically designed for easy tear for ease after matches.

Mini Design was approached to create a logo for Match Tape as well as packaging for their tape range and a Point of sale box for the tapes to sit in on a counter.  


We wanted the branding to clearly relate to the product. We came up with the idea of using the tape itself as the basis for the logo. This helped create a symbol that is easily recognised as match tape and reflects perfectly the business it represents.


Once we had a solid foundation we moved onto designing the tape range packaging and the POS box. The colours we had settled on were shades of green to reflect grass, as the majority of buyers were football players or field sport players. We wanted to pull that colour through to the packaging as a main design feature. We also added some players feet showing the position the tape should be applied.


We pulled much of the design through to the POS box to keep a consistency within the various design elements.

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