Sweetheart Body

Based in Sydney, Sweetheart Body produce and sell a range of Coffee Body Scrubs within the Sydney area as well as Australia wide and are now pushing overseas to supply the Chinese market and greater Asian markets.

Sweetheart Body’s range of coffee body scrubs are designed and tested to be suitable for a variety of skin type. Each of the products a specific skin type its ingredients have been developed to help. They focus on using the best natural ingredients that are locally grown and sourced.

As Sweetheart were a start up business they were perfect for Mini Design to help. As specialists in small business graphic design and branding we were the ideal choice for Sweetheart to work with. Our unique perspective on branding on design for small business meant we could look at every choice with a small business eye. 


We first create a logo for sweetheart. We wanted the logo to reflect something of the Sweetheart ethos but bring uniqueness to the design. As all Sweethearts products are coffee body scrubs we though about using the coffee as a starting point for the logo. Sweetheart did have one stipulation, that we use pink somehow. We came up with the idea of creating a circle out of coffee and as if you run your finger through the coffee to create the large S with a heart at the end. Sweetheart. We then incorporated the pink into the name.


After we had completed the Sweetheart logo we turned our attention to the packaging for the 3 coffee body scrubs in the Sweetheart range. The 3 products are Manuka Honey, Coconut and Grapeseed.

We wanted the product range to have a simple and clean feel to the range. Each product would have a graphic that in some way eluded to or reinforced the contents but yet at a glance you would be able to easily see they were all part of the same range.

We chose to use a simple graphic of the main differentiating ingredient, mainly Manuka Honey, Coconut and Grapeseed. As well as this each packet has a slightly different pattern and colour. The Manuka Honey packaging has a yellowish zig zag pattern which represents the colour of honey and honey comb pattern bees make. The Coconut packaging has blue wavy lines which represent the oceans and tropical feel of a coconut. The Grapeseed packaging has straight lines in a light purple, again reflecting the colour of the grapes and the straight lines of the vineyard.

Each packet has a white background and the Sweetheart logo in the same place which brings a consistency to the range.


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