Small business graphic designers in Sydney with elements to include in your business flyer

Our small business graphic design company in Sydney explain to our clients that they must think about content and design for their business flyer and it's imporatnt to get it right!

Flyers are a marketing investment, and you want to capitalise on it by creating a thorough and effective flyer. You want to catch your potential client’s eye with engaging design and keep their attention with solid, informative content.

Here are 10 things our small business graphic designers in Sydney say that you should include in your business flyers:

1. Contact Information: Anything you could possibly say in your flyer to promote your business will be for nothing if your customers don’t know how to contact you. Include your business name, address, phone number and website.

2. Social media connections: If your business is using social media as a marketing tool (and you should be), then take advantage of this opportunity to earn new fans. Tell them where to find you on Facebook, Twitter or any social media outlets you use.

3. A bold headline: Your headline should communicate what your business is all about. This is the first chance to draw the reader in, so make it good!

4. Great photography: Invest in yourbusiness with a professional photo shoot for your products. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, and you can use the photos for a variety of purposes.

5. Discounts or specials: Let customers know about special deals, discounts or promotions to encourage them to take advantage of those opportunities now.

6. Call to action: Use active rather than passive language. Try to avoid using variations of the verb to be (was, were, is, been, being, etc.). Always let consumers know what you expect them to do with the information. Tell them to call today, act now or log on.

7. Key facts: Let consumers know about the product or service by informing them of the f

8. Testimonials: Don’t make the consumer rely on you to know the value of your product or service. Let them hear it from their peers or from people they trust by including testimonials in your content.

9. Value statements: Choose at least five value statements about your business and display them prominently in your flyer.

10. Differentiate yourself: Tell your customers why you are better.

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