Since 2000, Infinet Network Solutions have been servicing the needs of small to medium businesses and their IT requirements. When Infinet needed to update their branding they turned to mini design, Sydney's small business graphic designers in Sydney.

We wanted to create a logo and branding that showed what Infinet were all about.

We created a two-tone logo to let the Net in their name stand out. We also looked at what type of symbol would suit them as a company. We settled on a honeycomb effect like cells in a battery. Once we had the logo created we created new business cards for the gang and then set about designing a new website. 

We have aimed to keep the overall design in line and thus wherever someone see’s something from Infinet they will be able to associate it with their brand.

With our experience as small business graphic designers we knew how important consistancy is throughout all material and that is what we have created for Infinet and helps create a position in a consumers mind.

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