Match Tape

When Match Tape approached Mini Design to create a logo for them they asked use to create something that, at a glance someone would be able to tell what their product was. Not an easy task. Match tape is a tape that is used by sports men and women to secure their socks and shin pads in place.

As small business graphic designers we decided to start by looking at the tape itself and what it was used for. After a few ideas we settled on the idea of using the tape itself as the basis for the logo. We wanted to create a symbol that would be easily recognized as the match tape logo so we created the M out of strands of tape. The font was created from a similar idea to keep consistency.

The resulting logo has been received excellently by the Match Tape guys and by the sporting community as a whole and helped brand the business.

As small business graphic designers in Sydney we worked at creating a memorable brand for consumers that will help Match Tape grow their business as branding is an important element to help stand out.

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