Sweetheart Body

Sweetheart Body is an Australian made range of coffee body scrubs that are suitable for any skin type. Sweetheart Body focus on using the finest natural ingredients that are locally grown to create every Sweetheart Body coffee scrub.

When we were asked to create a logo for sweetheart we wanted the logo to reflect who Sweetheart was. As all Sweethearts products are coffee body scrubs we though about using the coffee as a starting point for the logo. Sweetheart did have one stipulation, that we use pink somehow. We came up with the idea of creating a circle out of coffee and as if you run your finger through the coffee to create the large S with a heart at the end. Sweetheart. We then incorporated the pink into the name.

The logo has proven to be very versatile, and sweetheart have used the idea of drawing the s and heart in coffee for their social media posts and on their website.

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