Trenear Printing

Originally founded in 1924 Trenear Printing is Corporate Australia’s Printing Specialist. Trenear have been mini designs preferred printer for over 3 years now and have a very good working relationship with the gang over at Trenear.

As they have known us as the small business graphic designers in Sydney,  they approached us to creating new branding for them so we set about thinking what should branding for a printers look like. We settled fairly quickly on using a lot of colour in whatever we created. After a few designs we came up with the idea of a colour spectrum but in a flower shape. This set the foundation for the logo and the subsequent stationary and website.

The branding was consistant throughout all the material we created including web design, business cards, logo and more.

Working also as small business web designers we continued with the same feel for the website and created a consistancy throughout the branding process. 

Trenear are still a successful printing company all these year later.

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