Unified Care

Unified Care specialise in the casual and permanent placement of nurses and carers and are one of the few recruitment agencies in Australia to have been granted an On Hire Labour Agreement by the Australian Government, enabling them to sponsor overseas Registered Nurses.

Formerly known as Chadwick Group, a new brand was needed to more closely match what Unified Care actually did. The new branding needed to show care and have a friendlier look and feel. As experts in small business branding we wanted to create a brand that felt at home within the care community and that although a new brand, looked and felt like it was a well established brand utilizing the strength of the Chadwick brand.

The symbol needed to show care and by overlapping the two figures it gives the idea of help and caring. The colours chosen were also more pastel in tone which give off a southing impression. Lastly the font is a soft rounded font which again reinforces the idea of care.


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