Sweetheart Coffee Body Scrub

Sweetheart Body produce a range of Australian made coffee body scrubs suitable for a range of skin type. They focus on using the finest natural ingredients, locally grown and sourced to create every Sweetheart Body coffee scrub.

When Sweetheart first approached Mini Design they were only starting out so needed everything designed for them from scratch. As Mini Design specialise in small business graphic design we felt they were a perfect fit for us to work with. As Sweetheart were a start-up, this gave Mini Design the opportunity to really investigate what their audience would react to.

We wanted the product range to have a simple and clean feel to it. Each packet has a slightly different pattern and colour. The Manuka Honey packaging has a yellowish zig zag pattern which represents the colour of honey and honey comb pattern bees make. The Coconut packaging has blue wavy lines which represent the oceans and tropical feel of a coconut. The Grapeseed packaging has straight lines in a light purple, again reflecting the colour of the grapes and the straight lines of the vineyard.

Each packet has a consistent white background and the Sweetheart logo in the same place which brings a level of uniformity to the packets so can easily see they are all part of the same range.

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