Tabcorp Internal Newsletter

Tabcorp are Australia’s largest wagering business with offices in almost every city, town and village around the country. They are associated with almost every major sporting event that happens in the Australia and are a recognised brand world wide.

Mini Design were approached to help with Tabcorps internal communications as the old newsletter had become dated resulting in a lack of engagement from staff. The old newsletter was a basic newsletter which was printed by staff. We felt the design of the newsletter was out of date but also its delivery needed to be improved. We suggested we create a digital newsletter with internal hyperlinks that could be viewed on an ipad like an app or web page linking all pages.

The newsletter can still be printed but our aim was to move the majority of staff to viewing the newsletter on their ipad and computers.

The new design and functionality has been a huge success with a lot of very positive feedback from staff and even the Tabcorp CEO and staff interaction with the newsletter has risen dramatically, which was the main purpose of the re-design.

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