Go Design Solutions

Go Design Solutions are specialists in residential drafting design located in Penshurst Sydney. They offer high quality drafting services as well as managing all Council applications (DA) and permits (CDC).

When Go Design needed a website to get their business up and running they wanted something that was easy to navigate and easy to understand for their clients. As some people do not understand what drafting is we wanted to visually explain this on the site. We used specially designed images of drawings turning into properties to visually explain the role of the drafting in the process, bringing the drawings to life.

Go Design also go a lot further than most drafting companies in that they managing all Council applications (DA) and permits (CDC). This takes a huge burden off their clients and helps keep things moving a lot faster than a client could do on their own. As this is a real bonus for clients, we added a full section to the site on the Go Design process. This helps explain their complete process in easy to understand language. We also created an explainer animation for people to quickly view.

Go Design have already had great success with their first office and are now looking at expanding the business due to their success.

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