MAS Mobile Site

MAS Accountants are small business accountants based out of Zetland in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. When MAS wanted to create a mobile friendly version of their website they approached Mini Design to come up with something fresh and easy for their clients to navigate.

We had already created the character Henry for their Desktop site and we wanted to continue this theme across their mobile to have consistency with their message. The Mobile site has paired back on content and brought the user experience to the fore on the site. We analysed the main areas of the site people generally visit when they come to the desktop site and used this to create a map of the pages people visit the most. This helped us decide what the home page should look like and what hierarchy should exist on the home page and following pages.

As well as getting clients to the information as easily as possible we wanted the experience on the site to be as pleasant as possible. The Henry character had received very positive feedback from clients so we decided to use him and the other characters we created for Mas throughout the mobile site. This brought a very bright feel to the site.

MAS have received very positive feedback from both their desktop site and mobile sites.

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